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Food Bank

As the largest single contributor to food banks in Western Canada, Safeway actively supports this important community initiative with financial and food donations throughout the year in cash and food donations.

Since the inception of our Because We Care program, more than $11 million has been contributed to these organizations, where approximately 50% of all users are children.

We support local food banks by sending them fresh and healthy perishables from our stores each week. Also, non-perishables are regularly replaced with newer or alternative stock.

Each of our stores features pre-packaged food bundles containing the most needed food items according to the local food banks. Awareness for food bank issues and needs is promoted throughout the stores by placing appropriate signage right next to the most needed items.

Safeway also funds annual public food drives, working with local officials, organizations and media to ensure that the campaign is successful in raising awareness and food for this community issue.

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